How to Buy a Flawless Bridesmaid Dress

Picking attire for your wedding party has been more challenging, specifically for the bridesmaids. If you didn’t want your girls worrying about spending an unearthly amount for one day. You can provide a few “guidelines” so they could reinforce the wedding theme while maintaining a cohesive look.

bridesmaid dresses and shoes

1. While style is undefined, the ‘maids know your wedding theme ( formal or casual),  You can provide flexibility in dress style because everyone’s body type is different. What looks good on one ‘maid might not look best on another. I suggested shopping at ChicDressUK because one can shop for the same material in different styles and colors.

2. Originally, I really liked the idea of bridesmaids wearing different colors within the wedding’s color palette. So maybe you can provide all colors that fell within your wedding color palette.

3. Long or Short, or both are Ok,  it’s up to you, just tell them your guideline.

4. Tell them the guideline of shoes color and the heels, keep in one color or colors that fell within your wedding color palette are all good.

5. Although I’ve only been a bridesmaid a few times, I haven’t worn any of the dresses since the wedding day. They’re beautiful dresses, but I have no occasion that demands such fancy attire. Therefore, I wanted my maids to be able to choose something they would wear again.

Flowers For Spring Wedding

Spring is one of most popular times to get married for a multitude of reasons. Spring has many beautiful flowers. If you’re planning a spring wedding and need ideas for a bridal bouquet, you have the advantage of making use of the abundance of seasonal flowers and bright color schemes often seen during spring months.
Peonies are a fragrant, elegant choice for bridal bouquets and decorations.
peonies wedding bouquet
They typify spring for many enthusiasts and are some of the earliest flowers to bloom.
tulips wedding bouquet
Several lilies bloom in the spring. They are a fragrant, elegant addition to floral designs for weddings.
lilies wedding bouquet
Sweet Peas
These small, delicate flowers might not be your primary floral choice.
sweet peas wedding bouquet
They can be included in bouquets and used in tabletop decorations.
daffodils wedding bouquet

Wedding Ropes for Bridesmaids

Wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses must be special and beautiful, but wedding ropes for bridesmaids are also be important and should be distinctive. Floral print now becomes more and more popular in the fashion area. So today I will introduce to you the beautiful kind of floral print wedding ropes. We should be beautiful both inside and outside.

Wedding Ropes for Bridesmaids Wedding Ropes for BridesmaidsWearing ropes in different patterns of flowers makes people feel like entering into a garden. Bride can wear the different colors from bridesmaids to show her peculiarity. Flowers bring a sense of spring and warm especially in the cold winter.

Wedding Ropes for Bridesmaids

Wedding Ropes for Bridesmaids

Wedding Ropes for BridesmaidsThe same pattern shows uniform and tidy. When the bride wears the different colors of rope, it can easily highlight her.

Black and White Wedding Cakes

Everyone has own favorite color. Every color has a special meaning. While, black and white is the most classic color combination. Black usually stands for something mysterious, solemn and unknown, while white means pure, clean and simple. Combining with these two colors creates a special meaning: low-key style. If you are a low-key style person, your wedding cake could be black and white.

Black and White Wedding CakesIt can have different shapes: round or square. And it also can have different decorations: flowers or bowknots. All of these show a temperament of generous. An black and white cake itself can catch people’s eyes easily without any decorations. So a simple decoration just can make the whole cake more outstanding.

Black and White Wedding CakesSquare cake with a big word ‘N’ and several 3-dimensional flowers on it shows simplicity. You can change the ‘N’ into any letter you want which means different to you such as the first letter of your husband’s family name.

Black and White Wedding CakesThe staggered black and white flower waterfall from top to bottom becomes the highlight. It means the happiness blossoms as the flowers forever.

Black and White Wedding CakesWithout many complicated decorations, the simplest cake must be this one. This cake can reflect the host are also the simplest person who pursuit simple and extreme beauty. If you wanna save money but also distinctive, this cake must be the best choice.

Black and White Wedding CakesThese simple 3-dimensional flowers like a crowd of butterflies. Each delicate flower stands for a beautiful memory.

Floral Print Wedding Shoes

Printing is originally an art in our real life. Nowadays, it’s widely used by designers in clothes and shoes. Wedding shoes are mostly the plain color with some other decorations. How about wearing floral print wedding shoes to make your wedding more romantic and sweet. Floral print wedding shoes are always clean and elegant, which is best matched with the white wedding dress. There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing a beautiful color and prints under a traditionally-white wedding dress. If you can’t have enough of flowers, don’t let anyone stop you from wearing them on your feet! You will surely have a blast wearing matching (or mis-matched) floral shoes! Get ready to be floored by this season’s collection of funky, floral print dress shoes, from flats to platforms.Floral Print Wedding Shoes Floral Print Wedding Shoes


Choosing a Beautiful Wedding Underwear

Many brides prefer to choose a beautiful wedding dress. But a wedding underwear is also important. Although it is unseen from outside, the bride should be new and beautiful inside and out. If you wear a used or unsightly underwear, you may always worry about exposing it carelessly which results in being laughed at. If you wear a overgrown underwear and you must wear it all day, you certainly don not allow it to ruin your wedding. So choosing a beautiful and comfortable wedding underwear can make you be more confident and easy. After taking off the wedding dress, bride can also be the most beautiful woman. The following wedding underwear can totally show women’s sexy and beautiful figures and can also make brides feel comfortable.

sun-top wedding underwear

This short lace sun-top with a casual bowknot shows bride’s slender legs. And the delicate waistcoat and little ruffles on the hemline make bride more elegant. The transparent tulle makes the body indistinct which shows bride’s sexy.

top wedding underwear

This cute top with high waisted shorts can fit the strapless wedding dresses. Lace with a lovely bowknot makes bride be elegant and nifty. The waisted shorts can’t bring inconvenience because of too short or large range of motion.

 corset wedding underwear

This corset underwear can replace the wedding bodice. Adding on a long or short skirt can easily make a complete beautiful wedding dress. The corset underwear can also play a role as a waistband to flatten your belt.

 V-neck wedding underwear

This deep V-neck cardigan with short sleeves reveals a temperament of domineering and sexy. The half-high collar and close-fitting design on the bust show not only the long swan-like neck, but also the sexy chest line.

 transparent wedding underwear

This totally transparent tulle underwear with lace appliqued subtly cover the breast. This distinctive design explains how women can be so charming and temptatious well.

Add Feathers On Your Wedding

You can put everything you like on your wedding, something special like feathers. Feathers are both soft and colorful; thus, they are sometimes used to decorating. If adding feathers on your wedding, that must be more impressive and special.

Firstly, on your wedding dresses. The feathers are blowing in the wind, which looks so free and overflowing. While the black and white feathers make you look like an elegant swan.
feather wedding dress
feather wedding dress

Secondly, on your hair. Different colors show different beauties. White makes you look so lovely and pure. While the peacock feather gives person a noble and icy feeling.

white feather wedding dress

Then, everywhere of your wedding.

  • Wedding bouquet

bountiful bouquets

  • Table decoration

table decoration

  • Wedding invitation

wedding invitation

  • Wedding shoes

wedding shoes

  • Wedding necklace


  • Wedding groom boutonniere


  • Wedding cake

wedding cake

  • Ring pillow

wedding ring pillow

Something Blue In Your WeddingⅡ

After talking about the wedding dress, the dresses of the bridesmaids, the bouquets and the delicious wedding cakes, we still have a lot to plan for the blue wedding. Well, this is the wedding. Everything need to be prepared. Everything should be noticed. Why? Because every girl deserves a perfect wedding.
Now let’s start from the wedding shoes.
If you intend to know the personality of someone, have a look at his or her shoes first. Shoes are important for everyone. Shoes are extremely significant for women. What do women want? Mimi Pond once answered this question with one word: shoes. Shoes are seriously important for women. As a matter of fact, shoes are another face for women to some degree. So, you really should pay much attention to your wedding shoes on your big day. We need to find you a pair of blue shoes. There are all sorts of blue in the world. You need to target one kind of blue which can match your wedding ceremony very well.
blue wedding shoesWedding should be as fantastic as a dream. It would be excellent if we give an added grace to what is already beautiful. Accessories can help us achieve that aim as long as we are able to pick the right one. On the one hand, accessories have the function of making beautiful things more beautiful. On the other hand, they can also destroy a fantastic dream if you made the wrong choices.
Accessories are like little fairies. They can play an important role everywhere. You can use the color of blue on your head, your ears, your dresses and even your underwear.
blue wedding accessories
blue wedding accessories
blue wedding accessoriesWhen it comes to the whole wedding decoration, do not be afraid of the big square. You can always find some place which can provide you with a set of blue things so that you can give yourself a sigh of relief.
blue wedding
blue wedding
blue wedding

Something Blue In Your WeddingⅠ

As we all known, there is a old-new-borrowed-blue custom for the western wedding ceremony which means that the brides need to find something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence from their family member or the attendants. This old tradition comes from old English rhyme”Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe.” This five kinds of things represent love and good luck on the wedding day.
However, sometimes it is kind of annoying since that the blue items does not match the wedding’s theme at all.This could be a serious problem for the brides because the wedding is so important for brides that it must be perfect.
Actually, one simple idea can solve this problem easily. Prepare yourself a blue wedding. We can have a try to plan it now.
First of all, the wedding dress. If you are creative and bold enough to abandon the white wedding dress , this problem will be a piece of cake by wearing a blue wedding dress directly.
blue wedding dressIf you are not, some blue accessories on the wedding dress will solve it.
blue wedding dressOf course, do not forget about your bridesmaids and put something blue on them.
blue bridesmaid dressSecondly, the bouquet. As a matter of fact, you have o number of choices about the bouquet on account of the various kinds of blue flowers in the nature. Let me give you some examples.
blue wedding flowers
blue wedding flowersThen it comes to the delicious wedding cake. Once some scientists had the view point that the color of blue make people lose their appetite. In my opinion, the blue wedding cakes will not have this effect. Besides, I think the blue wedding cakes can actually bring you with good appetite.
blue wedding cake
blue wedding cakes

Being A Fairy on Your Wedding Day

Once upon a time, there were two fairies living deep in the mysterious forest. They were almost the most beautiful creatures in the world. Today, you can also share their beauty.
fairy wedding dressWhy are we wearing wedding dresses on our wedding day? Firstly, it is a sort of tradition. What ’s more, girls want to be beautiful brides on their wedding day which they have been planning in their mind since they were a little girl. In conclusion, wedding day has to be perfect, and all the needs of the bride should be satisfied.
Being a fairy was only a unrealistic dream for girls. Now, it is not any more.Let’s have a look at these fairy-like wedding dresses, and you may believe in the fairy tale again.
fairy wedding dressWith a sweetheart neckline inside and a lacy v-neck outside, this wedding dress is not only a combination of two different necklines, it is also a mixture of sexiness and ladylike temperament.
Pure white strapless sheath wedding dress may be too common, but a little bit decoration can make this classic style fantastic. Layered diaphanous tulle appliqued with lace falling naturally, making this dress a marvelousness.
fairy wedding dressThis is a story about color gradients and some leaves-like embellishment run into each other on the chiffon.The sfumato effect of the color and the embellishment of the one shoulder neckline is so natural that it almost takes my breath away.
fairy wedding dressWhite is not the only color fairies like. The color of champagne shows the elegance and nobleness of the fairies.These two dresses also express the vitality and wild nature of the soul of the forests by the flappy train.
fairy wedding dressWandering in the deep forest, with your layered hemlines swaying in the breeze. The strapless column style loos like a calla lily. How could any other words describe you except “fairy” ?